North Indian Educational Trust
List of Doctors providing training to youth diabetes educator training students.
  • Dr. Sandeep Haldar, Pachim Medinipur, W.B. for 100 Students in 2 Batches.
  • Dr. Mohiuddin Aahmad Chaudhary, M.B.B.S., Pachim Medinipur, W.B. for 100 Students in 2 Batches.
  • Dr. Sanjay Malakar, M.B.B.S. Purba Medinipur, W.B. for 100 Students in 2 Batches.
  • Dr. Abinash Biswas, M.B.B.S. Murshidabad, W.B. 100 Students in 2 Batches.
  • Dr. Deepak Majumdar, M.B.B.S. Cooch Behar W.B. for 50 Student in 1 Batch.
  • Dr. Haradhan Sarkar, M.B.B.S., Malda, W.B. for 100 Students in 2 Batches.
  • Dr. Subro Pandey M.B.B.S., M.D. Puruliya Disstt. W.B. for 50 students in 1 Batch.
  • Dr. Ishwar Chandra Murmu, M.B.B.S. Bankura Distt W.B. for 100 Students in 2 Batches.
  • Dr. Lakhan Swaroop Garg, M.B.B.S. Chitrakoot, U.P. for 100 Student in 2 Batches.
  • Dr. Shiv Gopal, M.D. Karnool, A.P. for 50 Students in 1 Batch.
  • Dr. Pramod Kumar Chaudhary, M.B.B.S. Basti UP for 50 Students in 1 Batch.
  • Dr. Momata Mukherjee M.B.B.S. Imphal, Manipur for 100 Students in 2 Batches.
  • Dr. Gautam M.B.B.S., M.D. Patna for 50 Students in 1 Batch.
  • Dr. Javed Alam M.B.B.S. Kushi Nagar UP for 100 Students in 2 Batch.
  • Dr. Surya Prakash Yadav Siddharth Nagar for 100 Students in 2 Batch.
  • Dr. Narayan Naik, M.B.B.S. Siddharth Nagar UP for 100 Students in 2 Batch.
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About Us
NIET is a registered NGO (Reg No. 2531/Govt of UP) Public charitable NGO formed to create literacy awareness in the state of UTTAR PRADESH in INDIA.The Trust is open for all caste & Creed in providing educational support & to run health research center Labs, Hospitals, including health education & assistance.
Objective of the NGO
    • To promote literacy for child & Mahila Education.

    • To impart education to men, women and children by opening and running educational institutions of Higher Level, Colleges, Training Centers etc.

    • To open and run self employment business training centers and other training centers for weaker sections and youths & mahilas.

    • To publish Magazines and Imparting and to advertise development and strengthening of Environmental, Pollution & Protection Technology services.

    • To provide free cost education & training to rural and urban students in the field of Computer and Electronics so as to develop a feeling of Self Dependency in them.

    • To provide free of cost a brief knowledge about employment and job opportunities to unemployed youth and to give them specialized training so as to develop a feeling of Self Dependency in them.

    • To conduct research in cancer studies, Aids & Tuberculosis & Diabetic research centers & Labs.

    • To educate in fighting against cancer, Aids and Tuberculosis.

    • To run health center for child & women including aged citizens.

    • To run labs, research centers, Hospitals, Colleges are pertaining to cancer & Aids & Tuberculosis including all types of contentious diseases.

    • To eradicate child labour.

    • To conduct camps on health education for children, men & women.

    • To conduct Programs on naturopathy and yoga for all kinds of people.

    • To conduct Programs, educated, open colleges on homeopathy. Ayurvedic and Unani medicine.

    • To conduct classes, for promotion of foreign languages, arrange cultural program’s for foreign embassies for development of cultural relationship.

    • To open libraries, digital libraries, reading rooms, women empowerment Centers, nutrition centers, and child management center.

    • To conduct Programs, entertainment shows, plays for development of communal harmony, legal and health awareness.

    • To conduct researches, Programs, seminars, events, symposiums, meetings for development of science and technology, mathematics, chemistry, biology, bio technology, physics, sports, commerce, business management, animal husbandry, and tourism.

    • To promote, assist in plantation of trees in Urban cities for greenery effect across the country to maintain the econological and environmental balance.

    • To conduct all Programs related to forest management, agriculture development, farming sectors development, water resources management and pollution control.

    • To maintain, run hostels, crèches old age homes, dyslexia children education schools, handicapped schools working women hostels for the benefit of the society.
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Rs. 9,00,000/- Nine Lakhs grant given
to West Bengal Students and Youth
Welfare Association.
ID no. 2188/WB/PH II for conducting
Training at Pachim Purva Medinipur,
Murshidabad Medinipur

Rs. 2,00,000/- Two Lakhs Part grant
given to Agent for social agent
manipur ID No. 1086/MPR/PH I for
conducting YDE Training at Manipur.

Rs. 4,00,000/- part grant to Mother
Teresa Welfare Education &
Development society for Gonda, Basti
Siddarth Nagar in Uttar Pradesh.

Rs. 1,00,000/- part grant given to pragati
samiti chitrakoot for conducting YDE
Rs. 9,00000 Grant given West Bengal
students youth Welfare Association
West Bengal.
Rural welfare and development society
kurnool Andhra Pradesh part Grant of
Rs 100000 for 50 students training.
Launching Program

INDPCP Program

Integrated National Diabetes Prevention Control Program
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