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North Indian Educational Trust (NIET) is a voluntary, non-political, non-profit making social service organization, established to promote education amongst educationally backward sections of the society and for upliftment of downtrodden people through various developmental projects. NIET is involved directly implementing the developmental projects. We in NIET believe in sustainable model of development where believe in Participatory Approach for the implementation of the sustainable development projects.

NIET’S interventions vary according to need of target area and target beneficiaries. NIET works towards the welfare of deprived and marginalised section of the society. NIET is an approved institution under 12A, 80G, 10 23 (c) (IV) of Income Tax Act, Ministry of Finance, Government of India, an FCRA registered organisation under Ministry of Home Affairs and a Special Consultative Status Organisation under ECOSOC United Nations Unies, New York and also a walk partner for WDF - World Diabetes Foundation and IDF - International Diabetes Federation.

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Message from Desk of President

I commend the initiatives taken by NIET in awareness of diabetes prevention among Indian population. This is a key health concern that needs attention at the level of every common Indian. The disease of diabetes is an applying condition that potential mushroom into diseases such related to heart health including high cholesterol and blood pressure and a multi-fold risk of developing cancer.I congratulate the NIET leadership in taking this humongous effort to maintain healthy India, as India moves forward to be a super power in the world.

Dr. Mansoor Ahmed PhD,

Message from Desk of Secretary

The Universal human population is facing a increasing diabetes menace potentially devastating in proportions. Developing countries like India have started feeling.

An important psychological aspect of quality of life for people with diabetes is the high prevalence of depression: evidence from prospective and cross-sectional studies demonstrates that the presence of diabetes doubles the risk of co-morbid depression which today affects more than one quarter of the diabetic population. People suffering depression are less likely to make lifestyle changes that meet treatment goals. Concurrent depression is associated with a decrease in metabolic control, poor adherence to medication and diet regimens, a reduction in quality of life and an increase in health care expenditures. In turn, poor metabolic control may exacerbate depression and diminish response to antidepressant regimens. Patient education necessarily has to take this fact into account to ensure the proper management of the diabetes.

NIET INDPCP Programme working is based to support ongoing initiatives to prevent and manage diabetes and its complications through instant web technology on line and instant counselling and to ensure the best quality of life possible for people with diabetes in India. Together with the team of associated cluster organization and cluster youth diabetes educators we are helping to provide counselling with the means to face the challenges that lie ahead..

The INDPCP program will puts India at the forefront for a safer and easier diabetes Self-Management, and will reduce the costs between the health care provider and diabetes patient and will meet the needs of diabetes patients in an effective manner.

Mukhtar Altaf Ahmed,
Secretary General
NIET-Lucknow-Uttar Pradesh, India

NGO'S UNDER LENS FOR MAL PRACTICES- Please do not Deal with these NGO's

West Bengal Youth and Student Welfare association (Unit of Bhabnath Sen) NGO ID number - 2188/WB/PHII/41 has collected illegal money in Murshidabad, Birbhum and 6 other districts of West Bengal like Paschim Mednipur, Purva Mednipur, Balda, Puruliya, Coochbehar and Bankura, 800 students are in distress due to incomplete training and non conduction of post training exam.

Ashadeep Foundation Durbhanga Bihar ID No. 2139/BHR/PH II - Collected Money from around 1000 YDE Students/ Applicants in Durbhanga and Sheohar in Bihar State and conducted exam for only 100-125 students via Niet Server/ Email Network. Remaining Students exam was conducted fradulently using Ashadeep Foundation email id and issued cash receipt of Rs. 500 using Niet Name and Moreover for Sheohar distt students Ashadeep Foundation has collected email and password from 150 student with money. So beware of Ashadeep Foundation who are misusing Niet Name.
Manav Vikas Parishad, Barabanki, UP - Collected money from YDE students/ applicants and not submitted examination forms and fees to Niet Headquarters and fradulently entered agreement with Third Party NGO's which is not permitted.

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